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Sensor Cables - Advantech

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Advantech - Sensor Cables

Sensor Cables by Advantech

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ASI offers a complete line of sensor cables and connectors for use with inductive, capacitive and photoelectric sensors. The 3 and 4-wire cables are available in both PVC and PUR, are UL listed and come in standard lengths of 5, 10 and 15 meters. Both straight and 90 connectors can be ordered with these cables. Individual M8 and M12 connectors are now available that can be used to assemble individual cables by the customer.

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Advantech Distributor - Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin

Advantech, the leading ePlatform service provider, has been an innovator in the development and manufacturing of high-quality, high-performance ePlatform services in the industrial computing and automation markets since 1983. For over twenty years, Advantech has been refining what is possible
in the ePlatform services market, offering comprehensive system integration hardware, software, customer-driven service, global logistics support, and an industry leading front as well as back office
e-business infrastructure. Advantech is helping system integrator partners add value to their solutions and services.