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In-Sight Stainless Steel - Cognex

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Cognex - In-Sight Stainless Steel

In-Sight Stainless Steel by Cognex

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Cognex Stainless Steel In-Sight Vision System is perfect for washdown applications

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About Cognex

Cognex Distributor - Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin

R.R. Floody Company is the authorized Cognex distributor for Chicago and Northern Illinois. Cognex is the world's leading supplier of machine vision sensors, or computers that can "see". Our machine vision sensors gauge, guide, inspect, count, and identify products on the fastest production lines.

Our proven technology, application expertise, and worldwide support mean customers can rely on us to deliver machine vision solutions that work every time - even under the most difficult factory floor conditions. In the industrial machine vision market, Cognex has supplied more vision products ... over 275,000 ... than any other company.

Customers rely on Cognex as a long-term partner, working alongside them to continually find new ways to improve the quality, productivity, and profitability of their manufacturing operations. Cognex is the machine vision leader that industry relies on!